Scott Way MS, L.Ac.

Treatment Room

    Scott has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine professionally since 2003. His formal education in TCM is a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from the highly esteemed Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin: Graduate School of Integrative Medicine( He is a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine(NCCAOM/2003), which is a double diplomate in Acupuncture and in Chinese Herbal Pharmacology. Scott also received a Minor in Zen Shiatsu studies.

He has a passion for helping patients but he is most passionate about empowering his patients to learn how to empower themselves. Scott has a strong reputation for his diagnostic skills and dogged determination to help his patients achieve their treatment goals. This makes him an important ally to have when you need an answer for your health challenges. Patients appreciate him for his non-judgmental demeanor, safe and effective treatments, gentle bedside manner, and patient/practitioner communication skills. His patients regularly comment about their feelings of assurance and trust with him.

He will tell you that one of his favorite aspects of practicing medicine today is his opportunity to collaborate with Western medicine practitioners about patients in common when necessary. He has a respect for his patients’ primary care practitioners in Arizona and values the chance to collaborate. In China and increasingly in the U.S. medical practitioners from both sides of the coin are finding that there is value for their patients when there is an appreciation of Allopathic  and Holistic medicine practitioners working together in their perspective strengths to best serve patients.