Shoulder Pain

Five years ago I had a serious ski accident, breaking my left upper arm, severing the ball and socket joint and breaking my shoulder. Four operations and several months of intensive physio-therapy [later] I had regained partial movement but was left with nerve damage which left me in daily pain and with numbness in my shoulder.

I met Scott in

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Stress and Neck Pain Testimonial

“Dear Dr. Scott,

I came to you twelve days ago complaining of work related stress and a neck with limited mobility.

In twelve days my results through your treatments have been truly remarkable. I am now free of stress, and the neck pain – WOW!

I would highly recommend your special acupuncture and herbal treatments to anyone.

Thanks for your

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Sinusitis Testimonial

“Some years back I had acupuncture for a back problem, which it resolved.

For 4 years I have been suffering from nasal and sinus problems following an intolerance to eye drops for glaucoma. My wife and family have been trying to get me to have acupuncture treatment to attempt to clear the the problem since then.

My wife finally got

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Prolapsed Discs and Periodical Hip Discomfort


On and off over the past 14 years, I have endured spasms of pain, discomfort, and seizing of joints in my back and left hip & thigh area with a constant low grade pins and needles in the underside my left foot. I have tried multiple types of treatments with only mild temporary success. Upon taking 3 appointments with

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